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If you find yourself unable to cope with mounting tax problems, Frost Law can give you the reprieve you need. Our firm provides a vast selection of services to individuals and businesses in the local Pennsylvania area and across the country.

Frost Law’s seasoned attorneys have stood by numerous clients when dealing with the local and state tax authorities. While some cases can be resolved through negotiations with the IRS and creditors, others may be so severe that tax litigation is required.

We can help you address your tax related issues no matter how overwhelming they may be. Our collective experience, knowledge, and dedication can help you get your life back on track.

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Dealing with State Tax Authorities

Every state uses a unique system for the collecting and use of its taxes. Since states are often in competition with the IRS for tax revenue, local taxing authorities are often more aggressive towards taxpayers than the IRS.

States often evaluate a person’s income tax or file a tax lien before the IRS. This allows the state to have priority over the IRS and other creditors when taking action against a taxpayer. While the informal nature of these procedures can be particularly challenging to deal with, taxpayers with outstanding tax liabilities can get the guidance they need from Frost Law’s Pennsylvania tax attorneys.

Protecting PA Taxpayers

It is imperative that you have a thoroughly vetted strategy when dealing with PA tax issues. As a knowledgeable Pennsylvania tax attorney can explain, there are many tools and resources a taxpayer can use to resolve tax disputes. Frost Law’s legal team can help you negotiate:

  • State level Offer in Compromise programs
  • Payment plans
  • Amnesty from penalties and interest

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