Skilled Advocacy in Tax Disputes

Regardless of a person’s intentions, the confusing nature of tax laws can easily lead to compliance issues. An innocent mistake can quickly put a taxpayer on the radar of the IRS and other revenue agencies. If these matters are not addressed immediately, they can leave behind serious consequences on otherwise well-meaning individuals.

If you are in the middle of a tax dispute, consider contacting Frost Law for advocacy and support. Our firm diligently looks out for the well-being of individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the world.

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Type of Tax-Related Disputes

Given the amount of red tape that taxpayers must navigate through when attempting to meet regulations, it is no surprise that tax disputes can arise in the most unexpected of ways. An experienced firm such as Frost Law can review your case and help you understand what steps must be taken to ensure the well-being of your personal and business.

This includes:

IRS audits & appeals

Our legal team has plenty of experience dealing with tax audits and appeals. We can guide you through the audit process and if necessary, we can also assist with pursuing an appeal.

Criminal tax

An accusation of tax fraud or evasion can be devastating for any person or business. Our team can review the charges filed against you and fight for your rights in and out of the courtroom.

IRS collections

Whether you’re dealing with back taxes, income taxes, or any other collection issue, our IRS tax attorneys can advocate for your interests.

Tax litigation

The landscape of tax litigation can be a tricky one to navigate, as it is filled with countless landmines that only an experienced individual can recognize. Frost Law can leverage its diverse pool of resources and knowledge to guide you through the litigation process safely.

No matter what form your tax issues have taken shape, our IRS tax attorneys can help. We have represented clients in matters related to back taxes, state taxes, international taxes, and more. Frost Law is the answer you have been looking for to resolve all your tax related problems.

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